Citizens Democratic Initiative Project (HR)


Citizens Democratic Initiative Project was established in 1998 and registered in 1999 in Vukovar, Croatia. From 2004, the headquarters are located in Beli Manastir in Croatia in Civil Centre, which is used by five other non-profit organizations.

Citizens Democratic Initiative Project – CDIP is a non-governmental, a non-profit and a non-partial organization based on principles of tolerance, understanding, and cooperation which encourages and supports active participation of individuals and groups in creating civil society and democracy through programs of education and citizens organizing.

CDIP vision: Informed and active citizens living in an organized society characterised by transparent and responsible authorities.

CDIP actions and projects are implemented through following programmes:

  • Community organizing
  • Democracy and civil society development
  • Youth work
  • Providing social services

Aims of the organization:

  • To develop democracy through promoting democratic relations;
  • To develop skills of citizens necessary for their participation in social processes;
  • To empower individuals in taking active role in positive social changes with the aim of building civil society;
  • To support other non-governmental organizations which base their work on democratic principles and promoting civil society through gathering and promotion of necessary information, counselling, and education;
  • To promote culture of living in multi ethnic communities on principles of tolerance, freedom of speech, and human rights regardless of ethnic, religious or cultural differences;
  • To promote non-formal and in-formal education for different categories of population, especially children and youth;
  • To provide psycho-social help and support to interested society groups with the aim of supporting potential of individuals, groups, and community;
  • To raise quality of life through continuous development and implementation of different programs and projects.

According to these aims, CDIP work is based on areas of democratic political culture, culture and art, human rights, international cooperation, education, science and research, sustainable development, social work, and health protection.

Activities of organization:

  • Organization and implementation of different educational activities: workshops, tribunes, round tables, seminars, quizzes, etc. to develop democracy and ability of citizens to participate actively in social processes.
  • Counselling and technical support in preparation and drafting project documentation.
  • Implementation of public surveys focused on current social problems.
  • Activation of legislation, advocacy, and intermediation between citizens and their representatives.
  • Cooperation with similarly oriented national and international organizations.
  • Cooperation with networks, national, and other public institutions and regional and local authorities.
  • Publishing bulletins, magazines, brochures, books, flyers and other materials to promote aims and actions of organization.
  • Providing education for interested citizens about methods of community organizing to raise awareness about quality of life.
  • Encouraging and supporting youth in spending their free time meaningfully.
  • Implementing programmes for children and youth on local level through Info centres, Youth clubs, etc.
  • Implementing programmes of preventing socially unacceptable behaviour among children and youth.
  • Implementing programmes of preventing different kinds of addictions (alcohol, tobacco, psychoactive substances and so on).
  • Implementing different kinds of volunteer activities.
  • Implementing programmes of psychosocial help and support for different categories of population.
  • Implementing social services for citizens in need with special focus on children and youth in foster care.

The organization also implements following self-financing activities:

  • Organizing conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops, trainings, public debates, manifestations, study tours, economic missions and other;
  • Informing, counselling, education, mentoring;
  • Publishing according to special regulations:
  • Administrative, financial, informatics, communicational, educational, counsel and marketing services.

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