“Gheorghe Sincai” Pedagogical High School

Liceul Pedagogic Gheorghe Sincai ZalauGheorghe Sincai Secondary Pedagogical School was established in 1969 with a clear mission to prepare students to become teachers in kindergartens and primary schools. Ever since 1993, the school is named and inspired by a great Romanian historian, poet, and philologist Gheorghe Sincai.

Gheorghe Sincai Secondary Pedagogical School is the only school for future teachers in the Salaj County. It is supporting values such as tolerance, solidarity, and the respect for community’s ethos. The students of this school are provided with high-quality language courses – especially in English, French, and German, and their teachers (total number of teachers is 38) are aware of the necessity to participate in lifelong training programmes as well as national training schemes. Such an approach adds a European value and diversity to their teaching methods and strategies. The total number of students aged between 15-19 is 801. The town of Zalau where the school is located is in the North-Eastern part of Transylvania at the foot of Meses Mountains and has a multi-ethnic population (outside Romanians, also Hungarians, Slovaks, Germans, and Roma people live there). From both economic and social point of view, Zalau is a medium-developed area where one can find not only branches of large corporations such as Michelin or Tenaris but also small companies with foreign investors (French, Italian), especially in the light industry.

Gheorghe Sincai Secondary school is situated in two buildings. In addition to teaching rooms, it also has a sports center, a boarding school, a canteen, and a library with more than 28 thousands of books. There is total of 29 classrooms equipped with modern technical equipment.

The school is providing studies in following specializations: English language, pedagogical science, Romanian and Hungarian philology, German and French languages.

The school is active in various EU projects – its teachers participated in 30 European mobilities but also in different Erasmus+ projects partnering with schools and organizations from Turkey, the Czech Republic, and other countries.

The students there are supported to implement extracurricular projects focused on subjects such as environment, leadership, volunteering, creation, etc. Many of these activities are organized in the cooperation with local public institutions and other stakeholders.

In 2015, the school has signed a partnership with two local schools: The National College “Silvania”  and “Mihai Eminescu” Primary  School, the latter one being the one where its students can practice their teaching skills.