Validation tools

Volunteering is one way of non-formal education. People develop new skills, competences, knowledge and gain much experience in various ways. However, this type of experience is often “invisible” in personal portfolios/CVs and that is why a new approach towards non-formal education has been developed.

In Europe you can find various projects focused on this type of validation and there are already some tools existing in this field. One of the CIVCIL project objectives was to look for different tools of validation of competences gained in volunteering and to create an online map of these tools already existing in Europe.

We were preparing this map with the help of  colleagues from throughout the Europe, however, we are aware of the fact that there might be much more of these tools already existing. Many of them are complex and have various forms. We will be happy, if you let us know about those that are not on the map yet. We are open to all your comments and ideas related to the validation tools for the area of volunteering existing in Europe. Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if you have something to add or if you have any comments and questions.

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